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Pastor pins madman like a wrestler just because of deliverance. Is it by force to deliver a person?

There is no doubt most of the people out there who claim to be men of God have nothing to do with God. Some have seen that, the office of the pastor has many benefits and have therefore joined it, claiming they were called by God. The end times will expose all these fake men who claim they are of God.

Getting to read the Bible, you get to understand according to the gospel of Matthew that, "Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven".

Some people are out there mentioning the name of God and are performing miracles with the name of God while they know the spirit they are using is not of God. What hurts me most is the fact that they are leading the masses astray. People are following them and are getting lost as days go by.

This article is based on a video which just surfaced this morning and it raises questions about the method employed by a certain pastor. I do not know how you might find it but for me, I think it was very inappropriate. Before I continue, I would like to leave the link to the video over here.

In the video, a pastor was casting demons out of a man who I assume is mad. You could hear him speak tongues as he tried to cast the demons out. It then got to a point where it all turned aggressive.

He had to lift the mad man and pin him to the ground like it was wrestling. Is it by force to pray for a person? The guy was resisting but this man kept on knocking.

I understand that sometimes, if persuasion fails, force is applied but to lift him like an object and pin him to the ground is something I never expected. Why attack a person like he's a thief just for the sake of saving him? Some people are really going far with religion!!!

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