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I would have killed those Christians who tried to deliver me from the Occult - Testimony

Pastor Emmanuel used to be involved in the occult, but now he is a Christian. Some Christians tried to save him from occultism by prayer, but they were unsuccessful.

In his anger, he wanted to seek greater forces so that he could return and teach Christians in general some harsh lessons. The following is a transcription of what Pastor Emmanuel said.

When I arrived at my house, I informed them that I would be leaving immediately for another place. I declined to be convinced to stay and departed in a cab.

We came to a stage where I heard a voice address me by my native name, "Nkem." I looked around to see if someone saw me in the cab, but there was no one there. Who could it really be?

My late mother was the only one who called me by that name; everyone else, including the spirit world, knew me as Emmanuel. “Nkem, are you going to betray me again?” the voice asked when I was still pondering.

The voice proceeded to query me, “Are you going to betray me again?” as though I didn't know it. I developed a high fever all of a sudden. The heat that radiated from my body was so intense that it was felt by the other passengers.

“Sir, were you well at all before traveling,” one of them inquired. I assured them that I was well but collapsed inside the taxi a few minutes later. The next thing I knew, two tall and massive men approached me, one on my left and the other on my right, and none of them said anything to me.

They led me down a rocky path littered with bottles and metals. As we progressed, the bottles and metals began to slash me, and I began to weep, but these men remained silent.

We continued on until we reached an express highway. It was at this point that one of them spoke up and declared, "You are a wanted man!" and we went ahead.

We then proceeded to a very wide and long structure that seemed to be a Conference Hall. As soon as we ascended the stairwell, a voice from inside said, "Take him in!"

They took me in and then vanished, leaving me on my own. What I saw inside this hall is difficult to describe, but I will do my best to do so. The hall was beautifully decorated, and it was so wide and long that it was difficult to see the edge.

I marched to the center, where I could see the end. There was an altar at the end. The sun was surrounded by a moon and stars. Then I saw a chair, on which sat a very handsome man wearing a robe that shone like the sun.

“Come!” he exclaimed. Still, I couldn't go because of His light. I will collapse any time I attempted to lift a limb. I got on my feet, tried again, and then collapsed.

Suddenly, a moon appeared from His throne and drifted over the ceiling, straight up to where I stood. Then two hands appeared from the sky, held my arms, shook me, and dragged my physical body away from me like a dress.

Then there was the real me. It was folded as though it were a rag and tossed to the corner. The moon then returned to the throne, and He who stood on it exclaimed once more, “Come!” I came to a point where He climbed down from the throne, took my legs one by one, spilled out what was between them, and reattached them.

He did the same thing for my hands and returned them, as well as all the other areas where the Queen of the Coast had control. Who could this be, and how did He know where these items were held, I wondered?

He then returned to His throne and invited me to join Him. When I began walking, several items began to fall off my body, such as scales from my eyes, but this ended before I reached the altar. He inquired, "Where are you going?"

“I am going to see a friend in another town,” I responded. “Yes,” he said, “but I'll show you what's on your mind.” I had no idea who He was up until this point, but one thing was certain: He was more powerful than all of the forces I had seen.

He motioned to a guy and said, "Show me what you've conceived in your heart." This man led me to a room and opened a blackboard-like device.

In truth, I might have escaped if there had been a way, for before me was written everything I had plotted against Christians and against the Assemblies of God church, which had attempted to save me from occultism.

He ascended the throne and took my hand in His, saying He was going to teach me something. “I do not want you to perish; I want to save you, and this is your last chance,” He said as we traveled.

You will perish until you confess and come to serve me. I'll show you where the saved and disobedient dwell.” I figured He was Jesus Christ when He said this. Dear reader, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, is a merciful God.

In all of this man's bad deeds, God nevertheless desired to redeem him and sent him to heaven to explain those secrets to Him.

This isn't the last chapter. I've already posted the second half. Please look on my wall/timeline for it. Don't hesitate to share this post with others. If you'd like to read more posts like this, please press the + Follow button above.

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