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Rev. Agyin Asare Boldly Drops What He Saw About Ghana In His Dream.

Reverend Francis Agyin Asare has finally dropped a revelation he saw about Ghana in his dream while asleep. In a Facebook post, the celebrated prophet explained that, he saw the entire taxpayers in the country happy. Their joy was based on the fact that roads has been built for them.

Again, he saw some rent paying tenants rejoicing that doors in their rented apartments had been fixed.

"I had a dream in which taxpaying citizens were excited that roads had been built for them, rent-paying tenants were celebrating the doors that had been fixed in their homes, and fee-paying students were overwhelmed that teachers had been assigned to teach them.

In the dream, instead of finding ways to demand their rights, these people rejoiced over what they thought was a privilege.

And then…God said, “Do not be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. You can say no!”.

Thank God, it was nothing but a Dream " The prophet wrote Facebook with a picture of him sleeping.

Reverend Agyin Asare refused to explain the dream.

However, it appears to be self explanatory. Reverend Francis Agyin Asare is the biological son of Bishop Charles Agyin Asare. He owns a church just like his father.

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