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Whenever you need money from people, pray these 7 prayers

The 7 petitions you are to beseech whenever you need cash from people are recorded underneath. 

1. My father my father, let the riches and the wealth of this world discover me by fire for Jesus. 

2. My father my father, contact the center of people to help me for Jesus. 

3. Whenever I need cash, people will give cash more that I need or at any point expected for Jesus. 

4. O Lord, let me find favor in seeing individuals for Jesus. 

5. My father my father, open my book of acknowledgment and let them favor me for Jesus. 

6. O Lord, before I request from money or help from an individual, given them favor me with cash access n the name of Jesus. 

7. It is well with me for Jesus. 

These are the petitions you should beseech whenever you need cash from people. 

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Jesus. O Lord


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