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Husband and wife relationship

Not Eve, Meet The First Wife Of Adam And Why She Is Never Mentioned In The Bible

Lilith was considered to be a completely wrong package, since a woman would normally follow her commander's husband and be subject to them. She was regarded as a woman who caused the forbidden apple to be committed by Adam and Even in great sin.

This means that it is of their own shortcoming to released the edited version of Genesis 1:27, which says, "God created man in his own image, so he created men and women in his own image."

As we saw from the above reference, God actually produced a woman and a man simultaneously in his image.

Due to her dominion over Adam, the garden of Eden expelled her. Lilith was also tougher and more edgy. God created a lady from Adam's rib, and this time she obediently obeyed Adam.

Lucifer take custody of Lilith as his wife, it's lilith that made Adam and Eve consume the forbidden fruit initially.

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