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What To Do At 11:00pm Every Night Before You Sleep

Most people have spiritually believed that from 12:00am till dawn certain things happen in the spiritual world.

This believe is something that most people can attest to it, especially religious people be it Christians, Muslims or Traditionalist. In Africa particularly most Christians strongly believe that bad spirit, principalities, demons, witches and the likes operate late in the night.

So mostly, Christians normally wake up late in the night which is the midnight around 12:00am and pray to overcome the dealings and plans of these bad spirits. But have you ever thought of it that before midnight certain things can be down before you sleep?

Below are some of the things you can do at 21:00pm before you sleep.

1. Think about everything that happened in the day. During the day whiles you were working what were the problems you encountered? How many of them did you solve and who helped you to solve them? These questions will help you to know you progress in life, how you are solving your issues and who is helping you to solve your problems.

2. Think about the conversation you will be having with God since you need to start praying at exactly 12:00pm. The next day's activities should be put into the hands of a superior being since you can not protect your own self spiritually.

3. What will be your schedule the next day. As human you need to plan and for that matter you have to structure whatever you will do the next day so as to make things smoothly.

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