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Midnight Prayers To Cancel Satanic Dreams

1). I worship You Lord and I come before You with a sacrifice of thanksgiving now in Jesus name. Sing any worship song.

2). In the name of Jesus Christ, I destroy every dream targeted at me by demonic covens in Jesus name.

3). You Satanic groups and covens attacking my success and breakthrough through bad dreams, die now with your negative dreams in Jesus name.

4). You destroyer hired to attack, disorganize my academics, career, job, health through bad dreams be destroyed now by thunder and fire in Jesus name.

5). As I sleep tonight, I plead the blood of Jesus over every department of my life. I sprinkle the blood of Jesus over my life. Blood of Jesus, speak for me.

6). Every effect of Satanic dreams in my life be wiped out in Jesus name.

7). O Lord, drive to madness every demonic power that has a hand in my dreams in Jesus mighty name.

8). Lord, I command every evil personality standing against me and the progress of this ministry to die now by fire and thunder in Jesus name.

9). I shall not have negative dreams henceforth because of the blood of Jesus.

10). Thank You Lord Jesus for an answered prayer.

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Jesus Jesus Christ


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