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Remember the Reverend who dumped catholic priesthood to get married? See photos of his wife and baby

Many of us know that in Catholic houses of worship, Catholic clerics are not permitted to have a partner in marriage as they practice abstinence to stay blessed as a vessel for God. Three years earlier, a Catholic cleric was the discussion of the entire web after he transparently unloaded his Catholic ministry so he could follow his heart and get married as opposed to covering up and raising a family behind the organization like numerous others has done and later got captured. 

Reverend Patrick Henry Edet in 2017 came out freely to renounce the catholic organization as he said openly that he discovered his calling isn't in the catholic ministry. He needed to be free and get married, to have a family and bring up his own kids, the catholic brotherhood denied him and that which is the reason why he left. 

Patrick Henry Edet is presently married to Inyene Patrick Edet and they have a delightful young lady together. Below are some new photographs of Patrick Henry Edet and his family, looking at the photos you will see how he has changed over the course of the years since he renounced Catholic brotherhood to get married;

What are your opinions about his choice? Did he make the best decision or not? Please leave a comment on the comment area underneath and remember to share.

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