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Religion: How To Pray For The Sick

It is difficult to see a good friend go through suffering from illness. Sometimes we want to offer them the world but we can't. The most we can do is pray. If you are in this situation, I hope you find strength in the following information on how to pray for a sick friend.

On one occasion the mother-in-law of Peter, a disciple of Jesus, was very ill. When Jesus went to visit this family, they asked for his help regarding her. In Luke 4: 38-39 we see that Jesus bent over the woman, rebuked her fever, and healed her. The Bible shows us many times like this when friends and family pray for the healing of a loved one. When you pray for a sick friend it is important to remember the following:

You are an intercessor

We see in Luke 4:38 that the family begged Jesus since the woman could not. The intercessor is the one who brings the petition before God on behalf of the sick. This is usually not the time to focus on self-interest. Focus on your sick friend.

Declare God's power over sickness

The Bible tells us in Philippians 2: 9 that God has given Jesus authority over all things. In the case of Peter's mother-in-law, we see that Jesus rebuked the fever and instantly came out of it. During your prayer, order in the name of Jesus that the disease go away.

Pray with certainty

This family asked Jesus for help because they knew him well and knew what he was capable of doing. Consider that everyone in town knew that Jesus was not a doctor. Yet they begged him, a carpenter, to do a miraculous work. This was an act of faith. Pray trusting that God has the power and ability to heal.

Pray in simple words

God is not waiting for you to quote a medical dictionary. A sincere heart is the only thing God asks of an intercessor. Just say what is in your heart. You can use the following prayer to pray for a sick person or use it as an example.


Our Father who is in heaven, I come before you recognizing that you alone are God. I recognize that you are a God of love, compassion and mercy. That is why today I ask you to remember (friend), who is sick with (the condition).

I ask you, Jehovah, to extend your healing hand to (friend). I ask you, Jehovah, to remove the pain from his body. I ask you, Jehovah, to comfort his soul during these difficult times. I ask you, Jehovah, that (friend) know that you are always by his side. The Bible says that you have given your son Jesus authority over all things. So I declare that in the name of Jesus, sickness goes away from (friend) I have faith that you, Jehovah, have the power to heal.

I trust that the healing work is done in (friend). Thank you Jehovah for listening to my request. Thank you for your love and for your mercy. Thank you for your great works. Thank you for the health of (friend). May your will be done, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Use the Bible for comfort

You can use verses like James 5:15 to read with the sick person before praying. The verse says: The prayer of faith will heal the sick and the Lord will raise him up. And if you have sinned, your sin will be forgiven

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