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Spirituality is to Blacks While Physicality is to Whites - Quotation Master Asserts

Nana Kwaku Peprah who is commonly known as Ayaaba or Quotation Master or Lucifer has emphatically stated that, black people are more spiritual as compared to white people who are more physical in their activities.

"When it comes to spiritual issues and spiritual strength, it belongs to Africans, but when it comes to physical things it belongs to the Whites" he claimed

He revealed, "The secret is that, the person who has spiritual power is more fearful than the one who has physical power because me, I can kill you through spiritual means without using a gun. Whites don't have that, so they created guns. They don't have that spiritual power so, they can kill physically. Whites think physical than spiritual".

According to him, Whites took a lot of time and effort to learn to be able to conquer and subdue the African because they realised that, we were more powerful and also had a lot of physical resources which guarantees the sustenance of life. 

"The focus of white people isn't about other races but especially the black West African. At the moment blacks shall see themselves as brothers and come together, the world shall come to an end" he hypothesised. 

The world coming to an end according Lucifer means that, there shall be war between races and the Blackman shall prevail. 

Continuing he said, "That refrain that the world is coming to end doesn't mean" what we have been told. That, "Some spirit somewhere is going to destroy this world" would not happen like that but that destruction if it would happen, "It is going to be done by ourselves".

Nana Kwaku Peprah was speaking on the 'Nsem Pii' programme on Happy FM hosted by Rev. Nyansa Boakwa monitored on Happy TV on YouTube.

He cautioned all Africans to cherish what we have as a people and begin to aggregate around our spiritual beliefs because that is the only way we can prevail and succeed. 

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