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If You Want to Become A Strong and Very Powerful Christian, This Is for You

Jesus said that “In the latter days, the love of many will grow cold,” and just as the scriptures also say that, “God is not a man that He should lie,” Jesus’s prophecy is manifesting in this end time. The enemy has put a block of ice on the love many have for God. Today, the world and the things of the world have formed a uniform mixture with the church and the entire Christian community. The result is sin and spiritual death that characterize most Christians nowadays.

Nevertheless, there are some Christians who want to live right for God. They want to “trust and obey,” but they are either left unable to do so or, they just don’t know how to live as a powerful Christian. Don’t worry, God still got you, and it is my earnest prayer that this message will spark a new beginning in your life in Jesus name. So, let us start.

1. Dead or alive?

Whenever a doctor wants to test if a patient is alive or not, he will usually feel the pulse of the patient. The same applies to the Christian faith. The only way to determine that you are alive spiritually is to feel your pulse. You are wondering how one can feel his or her pulse in the spiritual realm, right? Prayer is the breath of the soul. As long as you are breathing (praying) well and actively, you are alive. We should remember that you may be alive, but very sick, weak or even spiritually disabled. The litmus test of being spiritually alive is prayer.

2. Let’s juxtapose the physical with the spiritual

a. The physical realm

In the physical realm, breathing alone is not enough. If you breathe alright, but sleep without food, or if you breathe and eat without exercising your body, you will still become weak. So, now we know that breath, food and exercise are very important to a healthy lifestyle. Let us also remember that food, breathe, and exercise are not enough. We need proper hygiene. Proper hygiene means you avoid dirt, paste your teeth and you bath regularly whether dirty or not. After all, you will sweat, and some dirt is invisible. Can you relate this to the spiritual realm?

b. The spiritual realm

Prayer is the breath of the soul, bible reading or studies is the food for the soul, and evangelism is a spiritual exercise. When you combine these three things in the right manner, and consistently, you are on your way to becoming a strong Christian. 

3. The real deal here

a. Prayer

Can you stop breathing and live? No! so, 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “pray without ceasing.” The point is; the day you stop breathing, (praying) you are dead. Pray continually everywhere and every time.

b. Bible studies

The Word of God is food for the soul. The Word is an energy giving food, protective food and spiritual bodybuilding food. The more you eat well, the healthier you become. If you eat what your body cannot digest, you will become stunted. Junk food also makes us sick. Example of junk food is worldly music and messages, erotic articles, etc. 

c. Evangelism

Don’t wait for a health walk first before you exercise. (Most Christians only engage in mass evangelism). You should exercise on your own regularly. Exercise makes you stronger. Remember to eat well if you want to have enough energy to exercise. 

d. Bath regularly

Being a Christian does not mean that you cannot make mistakes or sin. The real deal is that, make sure you bathe regularly (repent and confess your sins) and abstain from things that will make you dirty. If you stay pure, you will not be ashamed before God and man.

Remember, the human body is made up of over 70% of water, and water signifies the Holy Spirit. Be filled with the spirit. When you do the above regularly and consistently, you will be strengthened. Pray, read your bible, evangelize and stay healthy. God bless you. 

Please share this article with others. Sharing is the same as preaching to them. May the Lord bless you so much. Shalom! 

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