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Check Out The New Uniform A Pastor Made His Church Members Wear That Is Causing Massive Stir Online

Our country, Ghana, is one of the peaceful countries in West Africa and in Africa at large. One thing our government has neglected or failed to do is to regulate religion. Though religion is a free practice which has nothing to do with government, that is why there are many churches in Ghana today.

Photos of new church uniforms surface online. Looking at the picture, you may think that those men in female wear are women, not knowing they are males disguised. I have no idea what I should call their uniform. Is it new church trend, or they are trying to create their church uniform. But the bible stresses that men should not put on women's wear and women shouldn't put on men's wear.

I came across this picture on social media. I don't know the exact country. But definitely, something is terribly wrong with this picture. Should men be allowed to wear skirts? To church, What is your opinion on this new uniform that is causing a stir on social media?

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