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Flashback: The day a man buried his Father in a BMW Car.

There are now so many ways to bury the dead in this modern civilization of ours. Some people prefer to cremate the bodies which comes along with the ashes of the dead person and other religions like Islam prefer to bury the dead without any coffin.

Burying dead people in the past have always been the same or similar but there is this Nigerian who decided to bring a new look into the ways of burying the Dead when he decided to bury his father in a luxurious vehicle that cost a lot of money.

Pictures that circulated on the internet show a certain gentleman who has his father dead, being dropped into the Grave in a BMW car that is estimated to be in the region of 100,000 Dollars. 100,000 dollars is an amount that people who work will struggle to get in Africa but here is an African precisely a Nigerian who has been able to bury his dad in a vehicle that cost in the region of about 100 thousand dollars.

This practice is not common in Africa and this man is not the only man to have buried his relative in a vehicle. Years ago, another Nigerian billionaire was reported to have buried his own mother in a Hummer vehicle that cost in the region of $150,000. For the dead being laid into the ground without any coffin or whether they are put into a coffin or whether they are cremated or whether they put into a car, no matter what happens, the Dead must bury the dead.

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