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125 Years Old Grandma Appreciates God For Blessing Her With Long Life As She Celebrates Birthday

We are all hoping to see our parents grow old as long as they could because we never want them to die, but unfortunately, death is inevitable and every living soul will surely die one day. Anybody that grows up to 100 years on earth will realise how blessed he/she is because some people already died before the age of 20, so if you are able to live up to 100 it is a blessing from God rather than your own brilliance or ability.

This is the case of a 125-year-old grandma who found the grace of God by clocking 125 years on earth. A happy Facebook user shared the picture of his grandma and urged people to help him pray for her to live even longer on earth. Some people found it hard to believe that someone can still grow old to that extent but there is nothing God cannot do because with God all things are possible.

Looking at her picture, one would agree that she is very old but still very strong as well. She still enjoys life like young people and she is feeling blessed. The Facebook user who shared the picture is just one of many grandchildren the grandmother has. Old times people's way of living is different from ours, they eat fresh foods unlike our own generation that is fond of eating processed eatery foods all the time.

Here is how people are reacting to her picture:

Although, God gives long life to whoever he wishes, but eating healthily can go a long way in making someone look healthy. Africa is blessed with many old people, maybe because of the energy that God gave Africans that is why we enjoy long life, or maybe it is because we exercise our body frequently. It is a joy to see our parents grow old even more than this 125-year-old grandmother so it is advisable to take good care of them and make sure we look after them as much as we can.

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