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Remember The Little Girl That Was Stolen From The Church During Service? See What She Has Become Now

The world is becoming more wicked by the day, people no longer have the fear of God in their minds anymore, we are fond of committing sins even in the house of God without feeling ashamed of ourselves. Back in the days when people were so committed to the work of God, when people used to fear God as if they can see him, but now everything has changed, people seem not to have a conscience anymore and it is part of the problems we are facing throughout the world now, if we are to be successful again we must bring back the fear of God in our lives.

How she looked when she was stolen:

The story of this 4-year-old girl known as Elo Ogidi is very touching. The little girl was stolen from the Christ Embassy church while a church service was ongoing, she was with her family and their housemaid inside the church before the shocking incident happened.

Picture of her and her parent:

Reports revealed that a woman was seen taking Elo away from the church without the knowledge of her parents. One of the church members claimed to have seen the woman when she was taking her away, but she thought she was a member of Elo's family, and that is why she did not challenge her.

When she was found and was taken to pastor Chris for Thanksgiving:

The Christ Embassy Church is owned by a popular Nigerian man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakilomen. People were so critical of the pastor when they heard the news, they were wondering how a big church of that stature does not have a tight security network to protect its members from such danger, but, amazingly, Elo's mother did not lose faith in pastor Chris despite people telling her to stop going to the church.

What she has become and how much she has grow over the years:

Fortunately, the little girl was miraculously found at a motherless baby home, she was seen and recognised by someone who knows her and her parents, and the person called her father to tell him that his daughter had been found in a motherless baby home in Edo State. Now it's been 2 years after she was found, she has become more beautiful and more mature than before, she looks totally different from the Elo we used to know 2 years ago. The grace of God has kept her alive and safe till this moment.

What have you learned from Elo's story? Let's hear your own thoughts.

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