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Health and Spiritual benefits of using Coconut: Follow these directions to blind evil eyes

Beloved today we thank God for granting us this faithful day. Anytime I approach you, I bring to your doorsteps spiritualities and how to grow your spiritual life. One thing we will be focusing on is the fruit known as Coconut.

When you go to India, Beloved uses Coconut to represent their gods (Lord Sheeva) with three eyes, just because Coconut has three eyes at the button. Looking at how God created Coconut, he created the coconut just like the head of a human being. Most canal people use Coconut for;

  1. The shells are used for making a cup.
  2. The water of coconut helps boost the immune system.
  3. Coconut is used for making ladle.
  4. The shells are used to light up a fire and so on.

Coconut does not only have physical feature but also spiritual properties. The following are some uses of Coconut spiritually;

  1. Coconut is used for cleansing the spirit.
  2. Coconut is used for attracting good luck.
  3. For blinding evil eyes.
  4. For boosting the brain spiritually.
  5. For removing charms.

If you are someone having these problems then worry no more about cleaning the spirit and blinding of evil eyes and so on. Follow these directions to blind evil eyes;

  1. Get one dried Coconut.
  2. Say whatever you want on the coconut and say the Lord's prayer.
  3. Once done with the prayers, start rubbing the coconut on your whole body starting from your forehead.
  4. After rubbing, put the coconut in a container and take it to any bushy area or farm.
  5. If you think people will see you, you can do it at night.
  6. When you reach the farm or forest, throw the coconut hard on the ground to break.
  7. After breaking, leave the forest and come home.

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers, in case you have any question, please don't forget to ask in the comment section. I will warmly reply to you.

Thank you so much for your time on this article, please motivate me to do more for you by commenting, sharing, liking and following me for updates on spirituality.

Content created and supplied by: Madam_Aphya (via Opera News )

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