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Pastor admonishes the lackadaisical behaviour of people towards work

Bishop Boakye Acheampong, the head pastor of Resurrection Power and Living Bread Minitries International, Accra East - Kotobabi, Living temple, in an episode, "You must mantain a good report", of the series he has been preaching on for a while, titled, "After His Resurrection", he gave a profound submission detailing why the raise of poor people in the society and what accounts to that.

Stressing on this scripture 2 Thess. 3:10-12, he added that, such people are busybodies poking their nose into other peoples business and they behave like Satan going to and fro —chasing irrelevant and meaningless things that will even improve their well-being.

In other words, these people behave like the baboon expecting the monkey to work for them to chop. And some also behaves idle towards work; in the sense that they come today, they absent themselves the next — play hide and seek. He added, with this kind of attitude people will remain in unpleasant situation and it will not help the society and even the country as a whole.

He further added that, these people should not be given a helping hand since they intend not to help themselves prosper.

Watch Video below.

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