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First Wednesday of the month ask God to do these 3 things for you before you step out

We do not know what awaits us in this new month of March as we celebrate our country’s 64th birthday as this pandemic continues to prevail.

It is there fore good for us to commit our lives into the hands of the lord as faithful servants of his word and go down on our knees in truthful worship and adoration.

These few prayers should commit us into this new month and shun any bad luck, accident, job loses, premature death, robbery, crime and the like from our lives and that of our families and friends.

Say the following prayers with faith and and please share to your friends and family.

Heavenly father as today being the first Wednesday of this great month we commit the lives of our family and friends into thy hands and destroying any works of the devil upon our lives by the blood of Jesus.

We command for fire from heaven to destroy any chain or any yolk the devil has used to attach himself to us in the mighty name of Jesus and send the blood of Jesus to be sprinkled on to them for them to be casted back into their rightful place in the pit of hell.

We also pray for the peaceful success of the covid 19 vaccination through out the country to enable us fight this pandemic once and for all in other to return permanently into your house(churches) to worship in peace.

We destroy any plans of the devil in trying to convince people to accept any LGBTQ policies or even associating themselves with in order not be caught up in such ungodly acts.

At the end of the day we shall say the lord our God who is the ancient of all days has once again done it for us through the blood of Christ our savior.

Please comment amen with faith below and tap on the follow button above and share this article to your friends and family thanks for reading God bless.

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