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Wondering How Bishop Obinim Claims To Be The Richest Pastor In Ghana? Here Is How He Makes His Money

Most Men of God in Ghana have been described as very rich. Some of them are have been noticed on live television touting their wealth and properties.

Most Ghanaians are at a loss on how these church leaders make their monies since a larger percentage of their church members are poor.

One thing to note is that most of these pastors have established their own churches, and controls all the affairs.

Over the years, pastors like Rev. Kwaku Obofour of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Rev. Mensah Otabil of the International Central Gospel Church, (ICGC), Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center in Kumasi, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, of the Glorious Wave Church International, and many others have been described by many as rich.

Bishop Daniel Obinim is the leader and founder of the International God’s Way Church (IGWC) and has on several occasions touted himself as the richest pastor in Ghana.

In Fact, Bishop Daniel Obinim has indicated that no pastor in Ghana can challenge him on any single day when it comes to wealth.

“Any pastor in Ghana who thinks he is richer than me can come for a challenge. God started blessing me a long time ago and he keeps blessing me with riches, so no pastor can dare challenge me”. Bishop Obinim is on record to have said in one of his live television broadcasts.

This shows Bishop Daniel Obinim has been able to make a lot of money over the years. But the only known enterprise of Bishop Daniel Obinim is the church he founded, where he commands several hundreds of followers across most parts of the country.

However, it is obvious Bishop Obinim has other sources of revenue and some include:

The Sale of spiritual direction creams to Church members

One business that is known to be booming in the one-man church ministry is the sale of spiritual direction creams.

Rev. Obofour for example has indicated that the business of trading in witches creams fetches a lot of money.

Bishop Daniel Obinim is no exception in the sale of these creams and more. He has been seen in several instances asking his church members to buy them at discounted prices. This could be one of the huge sources of wealth for Bishop Daniel Obinim.

I Have Over 30 Houses in Ghana – Bishop Daniel Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim has also indicated that he has been able to build over 30 houses across Ghana. Each of these houses, according to him, has not less than fifteen rooms.

It is unknown if these houses are on rent, but it is possible that Bishop Daniel Obinim has given them out to other tenants for a monthly fee. This could as well be another source of revenue for the controversial man of God. He has also indicated that he owns several houses out of the country.

I have low key hotels and Guest Houses in Ghana

Bishop Daniel Obinim also told his church members that, he owns several low-key guest houses and hotels in the country build and registered in his name.

These guest houses and hotels even though unnamed, can fetch several millions of Ghana cedis annually for the man of God and that could also be another source of income for Bishop Daniel Obinim.

These and many others are some of the reasons Bishop Daniel Obinim touts himself as the richest pastor in Ghana.

Bishop Daniel Obinim also owns different fleets of expensive cars which he uses for his own luxury. There could as well be some other businesses of Bishop Daniel Obinim which are still unknown by Ghanaians. 

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