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4 Ascended Masters You Need To Know About And How To Identify Your Personal Master

Each of us volunteers to come to earth many times until the cycle no longer supports our own growth or the advancement of the universe. When we ultimately decide to leave the circle of life and death, we either remain as a part of the collective subconscious, begin to incarnate into different time/space realities, or choose to remain as discarnate beings to help others who are still in the birth/death cycle.

Ascended Masters are souls who have successfully completed these cycles, who have served as spirit guides for a considerable amount of time, and who frequently travel to other planets to coexist with non-human civilizations.

Once they have risen, ascended masters can serve humanity from the upper realms and frequently work miracles. Because they have retained their physical form, they can sometimes briefly reappear on Earth in a body.

Some of the more well-known ones are listed below, along with the rays they were aligned with:

1. Blue 1st Ray: The Ray Of God’s Will & Power

El Morya – Master of the 1st Ray

He appeared as Abraham, Melchior, and Arthur. El Morya directs power, confidence, and strength in collaboration with Archangel Michael. He works with businessmen, the military, and leaders to help turn aggressive people out of dominance and teach them how to accomplish good in the world.

2. Yellow 2nd Ray: The Ray of Wisdom, Understanding and Judgment

Lanto – Master of the 2nd Ray

Lord Lanto teaches the road to enlightenment and mastery in the crown chakra and assists souls in receiving wisdom and understanding.

Jesus – The Messiah

He heroically offered himself as the ultimate sacrifice, absorbing humanity's sins. His most important message was love, which he exhibits by committing his life to leadership. Many others were inspired and impacted by his life of pure love.


A revered god and pivotal figure in Hinduism. He was widely regarded as the Avatar of his time. His lectures reflected his firm belief in the power of bliss. He faced numerous challenges throughout his life, yet he always managed to provide joy to his followers.

3.Pink 3rd Ray: The Ray Of Divine Love, Compassion & Charity

Paul The Venetian – Master of the 3rd Ray

He also embodied the ray's key attributes of innovation and beauty. Paul explains all aspects of divine love and presents the way of divine love through loving action in genuine acts.

Quan Yin

She is revered and worshipped throughout Eastern religions as the Goddess of Mercy. Quan Yin embodies divine feminine energy, which has a frequency akin to Mother Mary. She instilled in her loyal followers the power of love and compassion.

4. White 4th Ray: The Ray of Harmony Through Conflict

Serapis Bey – Master of the 4th Ray

Purity, joy, hope, and greatness are among the teachings. Serapis assists his students in developing these attributes in order to master the base chakra and allow the kundalini fire contained in that chakra to climb safely. He worships the Divine Mother's light and the fire within all souls that God Almighty created.

Which of the ascended masters speak to you? If you are unsure, simply request that yours be revealed.

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