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Two secrets on how demonic spirits operate in the church today.

Demonic spirits are spiritual beings that are given power by Satan to manipulate and disturb the peace of humanity and the church as a whole.

There are many secret behind the operations of these spirit being but I will be talking about two of them.

I pray that before you finish reading this article, the Lord will open your eyes to know if such operation is taking place in your life or church and also for you to be delivered in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

One of the ways these spirit being operate in the church is to use a medium to monitor whatever is going on and for them to do that, they normally send an agent to the said church to enter into a member who is lukewarm and that member become a medium through which they monitor both the pastor and the activities of the church.

Secondly, they will send an agent who will become a member and get close to the pastor and the elders of the church and through that they get informations to send to the spirit world for the distraction of that church.

It is my prayer that Christian stand firm to resist the power of spirit being in the church and also in their lives.

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