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When I worked in the Second Heaven, I was just blocking the gifts and Prayers of Christians - Mukunz

Today, I'll share an intriguing testimony from Mr. Adolph Mukunz. Since we are not fighting flesh and blood, the purpose of testimonies is to enlighten and guide us in our endeavors. I keep telling people that because we live in two worlds, they should be aware of both.

He began by describing himself as a senior sorcerer in the spirit realms. He existed in two worlds. He had two lives: one in the physical world and the other in the spiritual or unseen realm. This is precisely what some people refer to as "second heaven." The second heaven is the space way above the clouds towards heaven.

He could see Christians' prayers rising into the sky like smoke whenever he was in the second heaven, and he could also see God's response to their prayers in the form of packages or gifts falling from the sky.

However, the mystery of God's packages is that they descend slowly, like a tortoise. Even though God immediately heard and answered the prayers, His gift to the person who prayed comes down slowly from heaven to earth. However, the more a Christian persists and perseveres in prayer, the faster the package descends to the one who prayed.

They could see prayers rising like smoke to heaven and God's response in the form of packages falling from heaven to them in the second heaven. They used incantations at that time to figure out who it was on earth to whom God had responded to his prayer and given gifts, which were gradually descending to that person on earth.

They will devise a strategy to bombard the believer with all kinds of persecutions, oppressions, and attacks once they know who he or she is. They will do everything they can to distract and weaken this believer so that he cannot continue his prayer. They used to do it because they knew and saw that God had sent a package from heaven that was slowly descending to them on earth.

As a result, they perform incantations in order to make life more difficult for you. As a result, some people have noticed that the more they pray against something, the more difficult it becomes. When this occurs, it means that a blessing is on its way to that person.

This is why Christians must pray constantly and without ceasing. Whatever happens, Christians must remain committed to prayer. However, if that believer loses faith and becomes weak in prayer, the demons in the second heaven will have the authority to block your package, even if God has already answered it.

Another factor to consider is that if you have not confessed a sin in your life, your prayer may be harmed by the sins you were supposed to confess but did not. Because your prayer and sin rose together in the form of smoke when you prayed, the demons in the second heaven may be able to prevent you from receiving your blessing. Even if God answers your prayer in mercy, the demons will have legal grounds to take or block your package (answer from heaven).

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