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Ghanaian Pastor In A Bus Beaten By Passengers After Condom Feel Out Of His Bible

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Religion has been used to justify a whole host of violent atrocities in Ghana, and there are religious leaders who have been directly or indirectly responsible for countless deaths. Many of them thought they were doing God’s work.

According to what happened, they did it because they wanted to before the incident the pastor joined the vehicle to preach. He preached about repentance and many more. The people didn’t like him and started talking to the driver to avoid such pastors in his vehicle because from his preaching he isn’t a real man of God.

He started preaching and the next thing they realized is a condom fallen from his Bible which made every passenger angry and when they reached their destination, they questioned the pastor but he couldn’t speak so they started beating him till the police came. Thank you for reading, kindly share and follow for more updates.

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