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Get Your Prayers Answered: How To Pray When The Time Available Is Too Small

If prayer is an encounter with God, it will be necessary to create the conditions to welcome Him. One of the most frequent questions, which comes up punctually at the end of a prayer meeting or even simply in spiritual conversations, concerns the lack of time to devote to the Lord. 

In such a fast-paced and demanding society, the first thing that skips is usually the care for one's spiritual life. There is no doubt that offering God even simple daily actions, work, study, service for loved ones or one's apostolate, is certainly a form of prayer because in any case it puts us in relationship with the Lord. 

However, we also need to stop to live a personal relationship, fundamental in every relationship and especially with God. A simple but effective way of praying that the spiritual tradition has given us is what is usually called "examination of conscience". Saint Ignatius of Loyola, for example, he recommended not to neglect this practice, even if there was no time to devote to longer and more demanding forms of prayer. 

It is in fact a mode that does not require a lot of time and does not require special tools to have at hand. Perhaps the terms "examination" and "conscience" may scare us a little, but in reality it is rather a moment of awareness, that is, a time in which to realize how our relationship with God is going. This moment of prayer we can therefore articulate it through four verbs: "look", "feel", "thank", "plan".

First step: let's try to look to see the traces of God in our day, his presence, his gifts. Second step: we become aware of what we have heard, that is, of what has pushed us towards good and what has distanced us from good. Third step: thank you for what we have experienced. Fourth step: we make a resolution for tomorrow, starting from what we have understood, we ask ourselves what can be useful tomorrow to improve our relationship with God.

In the space of a quarter of an hour, remembering these four verbs, we can take care of our spiritual life.

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