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The Church Of Fashion And Style (Photos)

The effect of the Lord is believed to always be with a group who who assembled themselves to talk about God. We also understand that it is the people who make up a church and not the building on its own.

We can state clearly that the fashion sense of people have changed significantly across most of the present prayer centres. Some of them now embrace the ideal of being fashionable while others accepts the ideal of decent dressing.

However, some people don't just pay attention to what the church leaders asks them to do, even after the recommendations of the Church Council to mind the way they wear clothes during a prayer service.

Although, some have implemented and are now creating the art of respectable dress code, and have made it appear like a fashion challenge. Now we are going to be looking at various photos taken from a church who focuses more on dress code.

In this church, some of the church members are also found with tatoos, which we are yet to know the exact reason why devoted Christians will draw a tattoo on their body, and unfortunately these things sends the wrong message to the public.

Is the dress code of this church appropriate? Your opinion matters alot

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