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If You Do Not Know Christ, You Do Not Have The Key To Understand God - Opinion

One day a wonderful person named Jesus Christ appeared on earth. He was a mystery to everyone, not only to those who were close to Him at that time but to all of human society for the nearly two thousand years since. Presently some Jewish scholars are studying the case of Jesus, and some Jewish lawyers are considering whether or not Jesus was fairly tried and sentenced. Jesus Christ is a wonderful person.

Throughout the centuries, there have been many emperors, caesars, and czars, but today the entire world uses Christ’s calendar, not the calendar of Alexander the Great, Hitler, or any other world leader. Who is this Jesus of Nazareth? Why did He come to live on earth? This is all a mystery.

Is Christ still a mystery to you? For those who use their minds to understand the Lord Jesus, He remains a mystery. The Bible says that Christ is the mystery of God (Col. 2:2). If you know Christ, you know God, but if you do not know Christ, you do not have the key to understand God. Furthermore, if you do not know Christ, you do not know yourself, for Christ is the key both to you and to the universe. Without Christ, you do not have the way to “get inside” yourself.

The unbelievers and sinners are all “outside” of themselves. But when we received Christ, we received the key that opens ourselves up. Now we have a way to enter into ourselves. Also, by receiving Christ we have found the key to understand the universe. I do not care how vast the universe is; I have the key to the universe, and I can communicate directly with the One who dwells in the center of the galaxies.

I can make a “long distance call” from my home to that unique center, no matter how far away it is. When I speak, the One who dwells in the center of the galaxies directs me. Many times as I am ministering, I hear Him tell me to stop and not to touch a certain matter. I receive instructions from Him directly from the unique center of the universe.

As we have seen, Christ is the key to get into God. When you have Christ, God is open to you. Christ is the mystery of God. He is the explanation, interpretation, and definition of God. If you know Him, you know God. If you are in Him, you are in God. How wonderful!

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