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Telling Me That Jesus Died For Me Is An Insult To Me And To My Intelligence — Lady.

A lady named Ifa Funsho on Twitter who is an atheist said that she found joy after she left Christianity. Funsho is fund of saying things against Christianity.

Funsho tweeted, “Telling me that Jesus died for me is an insult to me and to my intelligence.”

This caused a lot of reactions Among Christians and atheists.

See how people reacted on Twitter below.

@loneminder: Just like when people tell me I am going to hell because of my kind of work. I tell them hell is sweeter than heaven they are claiming. It is just so insulting.

@IpobIsoko: Why did humans die? Through one man sin came to the world. And death through sin.

Jesus did not just die for your sins, but also the sins of your ancestors, that fought for your freedom.

@anario: Hmm you are really something but is of little consequence because He still loves you. You think you are intelligent? (It is rhetorical).

However, this lady once said that she has a mansion in hell fire. She also said that she didn't ask to be born, and she owes God nothing.

My opinion, everyone is free to choose the religion he/she wants.

This lady is free to say what she wants. What do you about this?

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