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The Unusual Marriage In The Auditorium Of The Church Of Pentecost.

There was a colourful wedding yesterday in The Church Of Pentecost Nsawam central assembly auditorium. Nsawam is found in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Even though there were five marriages that was blessed in the same auditorium at different times yesterday, but that of the twins took the head lines.

Twins are something most couple wish they have as their children. They could be identical twins or non identical(fraternal twin) There is another set of twins which is not common called Siames twins. This set of twins are identical twins who were not able to segregate properly doring their development in the mother’s womb.

This set of twins making the head line now had their education in the same schools and now professional teachers in the same school in the Eastern region of Ghana. For couples to give birth to set of twins is not news but for the twin sisters to get married the same day or die the same day is a great news. The church auditorium was filled to capacity with some other members and spectators filling the porch and the entire yard. Hymns and choruses were song to harmonize the day. They entered the gate into the auditorium with welcome hymns usual of the customs of The Church Of Pentecost to welcome to the temple like the hosiana day of Jesus.

Now a days ladies are finding it a bit difficult finding their spouse. This is because the lady to man ratio is not even. The ladies out numbers the guys in this generation living the ladies struggling for the scanty men ready for marriage. Every married couples are counted lucky if they tye the knot but the ladies are counted more luckier.

I am yet to find out how this twins made this same day marriage possible

Isn’t it amazing?

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