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Follow these steps to use Prekese and Salt to chase evil spirits out of your life

Prekese has a blessed spot in the hearts of Ghanaians. Prekese has such innumerable benefits or importance that are useful to us, and people in Ghana use it in their regular day to day existence. Many acknowledge that it has some significant power in it, and that is the reason behind why it is being used in regular day to day existence in Ghana and some other African Nations. So what are the significant helpfulness of Prekese? 

Follow this essential steps underneath

Bath with warm water, add prekese and salt to drive mischievous spirits from your life. There are two sorts of spirits, and they are, the good or acceptable spirits and terrible or malicious spirits. All through every single day, these awful spirits plot bad things against us and we similarly need to get the fight against all their slippery plans. Since we don't have any extraordinary eyes to see how they are getting along stop them, we need to protect ourselves and this is fundamental to you and everyone going through this. As an issue of first significance, we need to understand that this has nothing to do with secret, because most people believes and are saying prekese is a natural gift given by God, and he has mentioned that we use it in our ordinary everyday presence. So underneath are what you would need and how to make it done: 

1. Boil up some warm water. 

2. Get yourself some prekese. 

3. Besides, get yourself some salt. 

4. Put the salt into the water to crumble and after that, keep things under control some at point. 

5. Put the prekese into the water and add the salt accordingly. 

6. Moreover, before you start bathing say these words " I invite the Essence of God in my life, and plead that he pardon me of my offenses and change this water into his blood, and use it as an agreement between you and him for confirmation" after saying that prayer or supplication, your water is purified by the Essence of God, so you can start bathing with it.

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