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2 Important Things Every Christian Must Learn From What Bishop Dag Said About His Son's Death

we all have heard of the news! if you haven't: Bishop Dag Heward-Mills who is the founder and presiding Bishop of the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group has lost his first son, David Heward-Mills. Who was a medical doctor in the united state. This loss has been a big blow to Ghanaians and the world at large. 

We all know how loveable bishop Dag is and how charismatic he is with his teachings. And so, many of us will be wondering how come this tragedy will befall our beloved man of God. On Sunday 17th April 2022 which was just the third day after the bishop lost his dear son, he came out and delivered a very powerful sermon entitled “The Grave Is Not The End”. I will be highlighting 2 important lessons that every Christian must learn from the sermon.

1. “Look at me standing here; my son is dead: as if I don’t pray, as if there’s no God, as if God is angry with me for something. I just came from my crusades, yes, look at me am standing here in weakness…”  

Bishop Dag talk about weakness in man and in the predicaments that we will face as believers. The fact that we are believers does not mean that everything will move smooth(when we look at it from our point of view as weak humans) all the time. Therefore as believers we must not give up our faith thinking God is dead when we encounter trials.

2. "As if God doesn't answer prayers, as if God couldn't have mercy; that is our life here till we go out of this world. There is weakness, there is dishonor, their is corruption but we are still together, we are still a family and we are still pressing on until we come to glory, to heaven, to his presence, Amen. And we must remember that, never let Satan deceive you, to put a hook in your mouth and pull you out of your family..."

 He made us understand in the sermon that, trial time is the tool Satan use to deceive believer to pull them out of the God family. Bishop said "never let Satan deceive you, to put a hook in your mouth and pull you out of your family..." what he said is so crucial considering the menaces of people leaving the church in this current times. Many people leave church because of offences and some silly reasons. We should understand that, those moments where we get offended and have numerous genuine reasons to leave the church God has planted us are also forms of trials. Don't forget about the hook bishop talk about: the hook is the trial moments that we encounter in our walk with God. Be careful don't allow the devil to use this hook to pull you out of the God family.

thank you for reading. I believe you have been blessed?

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