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How can you claim to be a true Christian while you do these things

There are many people in the world now who claims to be christian, anyone that you see goes to church. About 10 to 20% of the world's population doesn't go to church, but, one could testify that sin, and all sorts of wickedness are increasing each and every day.

Anyone professes to be a christian, but these are some things that we do that displeases God and its evil.

1. Showing your naked part to the public.

2. Throwing insults to the government in power.

3. Helping the poor and later broadcasting it to the public for a name and a praise. Helping your church and pastors financially, while your parents and family members are dying of hunger.

4. Not showing pity to the poor, and trying to help them.

5. Helping someone not from the heart.

6. Goes to church while stealing, fighting, backbiting, fornicating, watching pornographic pictures and videos, wearing of nails, eyelashes to the church etc.

7. Going to church late, murmuring when church keeps longer and sleeping in church.

Theses are things that we do, that disqualifies us for being christian, let refrain from all these things.

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