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Omniscient: God Knew Eve will Be Deceived by a Snake

Religion is interesting when you have faith and believe in God and what he does.

I believe in God and feel he exists, I know that because I'm from a traditional home and i'm sure God made tradition, when there is to be an incantation, God is called first before the gods, God is asked to give permission for the gods to act, that's what most traditions do and that works because once something is sought from the spiritual realm it is seen happening.

God Made demons and per the holy book, demons were made to serve man, who made those demons? The answer is God, and today we can see a lot of people possessed by demons including mad men, before the abuse of drugs we used to have mad men, they were possessed by certain demons, this mean there are things around us that we can't see, which means we don't have to see everything before we believe it.

To add to that, there has been a debate that Women have to apologize to God for Disobeying him and eating the fruit, most of us are aware God knows everything and it means before God created Adam and Eve, he had known that one of the creation will betray him by disobeying his commandments, a woman of today by eating an apple, many will ask that if God knew that, why did he create her to betray him? The answer is simple, Eve was writing a test conducted by God and she failed.

This development is beginning to repeat itself in a different fold, today women lure men to eat the same apple by demanding they hold and use iphones before they can get close to them and these same men buy and keep them just to please women like Adam did to please Eve, Be careful whom you please, don't please any Eve of today to lure you into hell. There is a spiritual reason why the apple was shaped in that manner and placed on the phone, you have to be spiritually strong to resist it.

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