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The Bible’s Viewpoint Do Humans Become Angels When They Die?

A LITTLE girl named Argyro died when she was only seven years of age. Grief-stricken, her parents looked down at her as she lay in a coffin, dressed in white. In an effort to offer solace, the minister told them: “God wanted another angel, and He took little Argyro to be with him. Now her soul flutters around the Almighty’s throne.”

Many people cherish the belief that angels are the souls of deceased humans, although few religions officially endorse the notion. The media has popularized this concept in movies and television series about dead people who ‘earn their wings’ as angels by helping and protecting the living.

Can you, in truth, expect your loved ones to become angels at death? What does the Bible teach on this matter? To answer, let us first review what the Holy Scriptures really say about the nature of angels and the actual condition of the dead.

Angels are invisible, powerful servants of God who reside in the spirit realm. Their existence is independent of that of humans. Angels are spirits created by God. The Bible says: “Let [the angels] praise the name of Jehovah; for he himself commanded, and they were created.”​—Psalm 148:2, 5.

The Bible reveals that many millions of faithful celestial creatures, including seraphs and cherubs, obediently serve in specialized roles according to their rank and assignments. (Psalm 103:20, 21; Isaiah 6:1-7; Daniel 7:9, 10) Did humans have to die in order for God to bring all those angels into existence? In fact, that is quite impossible

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