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Where From This Impression That Teiya Won Because She Prayed To God For Her Victory?

PK Sarpong, a writer for the ruling NPP has quizzed the impression that, Tung-Teiya won the GMB because she prayed to God.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, 12th October 2022, he wrote;

"Let me put this matter in a different perspective others may not have considered. Let it not be misconstrued that I am discounting the role God plays in the affairs of man, not at all. 

Tung-Teiya won the GMB crown because in the eyes of the judges, her performances surpassed those of her competitors. That should be it.

Where from this impression that Teiya won because she prayed to God for her victory and that the others did not pray to the same God or Allah? "

He gave another perspective using the Black Stars. The Black Stars are going to the World Cup. Do we honestly believe that prayers alone can gift us the World Cup? If that’s the thinking of people, then they should start praying now for us to see if we shall come home with the crown. 

God helps those who help themselves, so states the popular adage. People should give the credit largely to her performances and the votings by viewers instead of shoving it down our throats that she won for being excessively religious and that the others were not religious enough. He remarked.

None of her competitors was known to be a worshipper of Tigare or any other deity for which reason that person didn’t win and Teiya won for being a true daughter of God. 

We should simply accept the fact that Teiya won because she worked for it. She achieved success not because of any man of God praying for her. Going that line takes the credit away from her. It’s as though she didn’t deserve the crown. 

Dear religious fanatics, it is not everything that you should attribute to religion. Sometimes, people also inject their skills, experiences, knowledge, etc, into some of these things to complement what God directly puts in. 

It is not as if she just sat there for the prayers alone to crown her as the winner. Give Teiya her due, please. None of those who competed in the pageant is known to be worshipping a river or stream god.

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