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Fast Rising Young Pastor Who Keeps Trending, Identifies This Problem and Proffers This Epic Solution

Agyemang Elvis is indeed a fast rising and anointed man of God. His teaching videos have been trending for a while now and from the look of things, he is here to make a greater impact and there is no stopping, by the grace of God.

His reverting and apt teaching ministry, is also anchored in not just depth in God but also, Gods special anointing, operating in his ministration, demonstrating power of the Holy Ghost, as he also prophesies with such accuracy of the Spirit.

In a Facebook post, he shares one of these timey truths of revelation of life. He writes that:

"The problem with today’s kingdom generation is that we just want to be great and we will go every extend to be “great” in the eyes of people without pausing for ones to find out what God says about being great in this Kingdom.

Among all born of women, John is the greatest. Let me tell you a little about John the great. The whole nation of Israel, accepted him as their prophet. Kings feared him. His message cut into the soul. His baptism brought repentance. Every soul believed that He is sent from God. Yet Jesus says the least in the Kingdom of God is greater than John. The least in the Kingdom is the one who preaches like John or better than John. Or perhaps enjoys a greater acceptance than John.

But the greatest in the Kingdom Jesus says must serve his fellow believers with all humility. He told His disciples that the greatest among you will be the one who serves you. You have the option to become great after the order of men or after the order of God. Just serve with passion who God brings your way. Loving one another is a greater kingdom service than preaching to thousands about Christ’s love.

The best message is the one you practice. The judgement of today’s church will be how we have loved to demonstrate power than to demonstrate love. How we smile with each other but tear ourselves apart in the secret. On that day, the greatest on earth will be least regarded in the sight of God.

That is what the Bible calls SHAME. You have the choice to be great by the definition of men or by the definition of our Lord Jesus Christ. The more I search into the anointing and power of God, the more I am convicted by the Spirit of the truth that God’s means for the church to demonstrate power is through love. LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

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