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"God Will Punish Them For Using His Name In Vain"- Ghanaians To A-Plus

Ghanaians are very angry at prophet Badu Kobi, who is the leader of Glorious Wave church international for saying that Copa America finals would be won by Brazil National team and at the end of the game, Argentina National team led by Messi won the cup and Ghanaians have told political activist, kwame Asare Obeing A-Plus that God will punish pastors who are using God's name in vain.

According to Ghanaians, men of God in the country should stop giving out false Prophesy because God hasn't said anything to them but they're trying to force themselves and say something which they supposed not to say and said that, God will continue to disappoint them as they're using His name in vain.

Some people questioned that why should the man of God involved himself into something that does not associate with his ministry? Some people stated that are some men of God telling them that the God they worship is a lier?

Some people reacts by saying that: God is going to punish them for using His name in vain. God hasn't said anything and Prophet Badu Kobi come out and pour his feelings to know if his lotto numbers will drop and make name with it but "God will continue to disappoint them all the time".

"He has no shame, why would you involve yourself in something that doesn't concern you and your ministry? Stomach pastor" someone questioned prophet Badu Kobi on his football predictions and jabbed him to stop that.

Another Ghanaian stated that: And the Lord said to me: The prophets are prophesying lies in my name; I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. Jeremiah 14:14 said that.

Some people told A-Plus that: Chairman, don't mind Badu Kobi, he thought he could used this to resuscitate his dented image and this is the level of reproach and mockery you reduce yourself to for calling out and insulting Ghanaian women across the ethnic divide.

"And they called their selfs men of God. My question is if they hear from God then which means God is a lier? Be carful my people in Christ and please open your eyes as the Bible said. Argentina won the much so hello wake up Ghanaians" someone told Ghanaians to be very careful and open their eyes widely before they believe any man of God in the country.

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