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Meet the animal that never die naturally. It only dies when it is killed.

There is a saying that everything that has a beginning surely has an end. And also anything which was born will surely die.

However, scientists have discovered one key animal in the universe which never dies. It was not born to die. However, it can be killed by humans or it's host.

The name of this animal is no other but a jerry fish. This animal has several species which do die naturally but out of these species, only one which is called turritopsis dohrnii does not die. People normally call it the immortal jerry fish.

One will ask that why doesn't this animal die. Well, there is something special about this animal.

When they get to a certain age it can decide when its cells convert backwards meaning it can basically just choose to become young again.

This is the same technology which the richest man in the world known as Jeff Bezos wants to do same. He has organized a team to make mankind immortal and the research has just began. Am sure this immortal jerry fish will be a key element in their research.

However, this jerry fish is a small and is just 5 centimeters long. It lives in water. They are incredible animals and it is believed that, they do not have brains but they have a complex system of nerves that helps them survive, mostly via reflexes and things they detect with their tentacles.

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