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Did you know it rains Diamonds on Jupiter? Unbelievable. Find out why and how.

Did you know it rains Diamonds on Jupiter?

Rain is precious at the best of times, but this is something else entirely and it's hard to believe. Scientists believe that on Jupiter and Saturn, it rains diamonds.Now diamonds as we all know it are those precious hard crystal like substance that is so significant that today are used as gemstones for adornment, and as industrial abrasives for cutting hard materials. Just possessing a small fragment of diamond literally defines you as a rich man and powerful man, just like in the movie "Blood Diamond".Many Solar System planets, especially Saturn and Jupiter, have abundant methane gas on their surface; as a result of thunderstorms, which transform methane gas to its primary components, methane is transformed into non-crystalline carbon and hydrogen.

Meaning in the dense atmospheres of these planets (Jupiter and Saturn) whose massive size generates enormous amounts of gravity, great amounts of pressure, heat squeezes carbon in mid-air and make it rain diamonds.

Unbelievable, imagine if it rained diamonds on Earth. However if it rained diamonds on Earth, you will not be around to see it. All of humanity would be squashed, and left to suffocate without oxygen in the air.

This is truly amazing, who would have thought such a scarce commodity here on Earth will be abundant on other planets.

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