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Role of sexual Reproduction

Thus sexual reproduction maintains and increase genetic variations within a population?......

During sexual reproduction,the nuclei of two cells which is the gamates fuse to form a zygote. Since the two cells are genetically different from one another, the zygote formed is different from both of the parents and form all other members of the species.

For Evolution to occur, the gamates in the breeding population must receive a different alleles of genes and thereby to provide a raw material for that evolution to occur.

Haploid and diploid cells

Every species of plant and animal has a characteristic number of chromosomes(the chromosome complement) present in the nucleus of each of its cells.

Diploid cell: is a cell which has a double set of chromosomes that is two of each type which form pairs.

Haploid cell: is a cell which has a single set of chromosomes that is one of each chromosome.The chromosome complement of a haploid cell is represented by letter n and that of a diploid cell is represented by 2n.

The pictures above shows a haploid sperm.

This picture also shows the haploid Sperm and haploid egg to form a diploid zygote.

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