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Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

History of AI.

50,80 more accurately centuries ago even before civilization, mankind felt the need to accomplish and perform tasks faster and easier. Mankind, the most advanced of all species needed help to achieve this goal. We needed something that could help improve on the quality of our lives and indeed will be piloted by ourselves. This we believed will aid in reducing the constraints of life itself.

The spontaneous drift from left to right lead to the invention of what we call tools. Simple tools used for both domestic and field purposes. A specific tool to a specific task. Tools such as axes and hoes were used in local crop farming. Arrows in conjunction with bows and spears were used for field hunting and defence. Tools had a wide range of purposes and with time had evolved with many dynamic and unprofessional applications. Even though tools had served the purpose for which they were made they didn't satisfy man completely.

Consequently, the inevitable quest by humans to improve life unveiled Machines. These are special equipments used to perform specific operations. These worked well in industrial fields such as the processing of cocoa into finished products like chocolate. Nevertheless, the existence of of simple and complex machines did not assauge our thirst for a better life.

Now, an electronic system was made to organise,manage and process data fed into the computer into information and then displayed to users. This system is and was called a Computer. Computers made of diverse sizes and processing potentials. Computers, so far as the world is concerned has elevated the standard of living to an unprecedented Apex. This technological age has transformed the world into a global village by means of a click. Computers as we all know work on instructions fed to to it. The existence of computers have ushered us into a technological stage where people now feel the need for systems which reason on their own without user instructions and also produce required results. And this Ladies and Gentlemen is what brings us to our topic of the day " Artificial intelligence (AI)".

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AI Evolution of Artificial Intelligence


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