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Dead whale found with 40 kilograms of plastic in its stomach

Marine experts in the Philippines say a dead whale found with 40 kilograms of rice sacks and other plastic bags inside it was the worst case they have ever encountered of an animal killed by plastic. The Cuvier’s beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris) was found on the shores of Sitio Asinan in the Philippines on Saturday morning, and an overnight examination on Saturday confirmed that it had died of starvation and dehydration because of the plastic.

“Upon reaching the stomach, I knew this whale had died due to plastic ingestion. I was not prepared for the amount of plastic,” says Darrell Blatchley, founder of the D’Bone Collector Museum, which carried out the necropsy. The museum has recovered 61 whales and dolphins in the past 10 years, in partnership with the government’s bureau of fisheries, and found that 57 of them have died from ingesting plastic. “This one was the worst we’ve ever seen,” says Blatchley.

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