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ALL ABOUT THE BABY: The story continues with more scientific evidence.

The journey have just begun

As I read step by step the marvelous story of a new human life, I felt as if I sat in the darkened projection room of GOD, watching upon the glowing screen the tracing of HIS divine finger in the ultimate mystery. Two tiny cells that hold enwrapped within their infinitesimal space the wonderous mechanism of human body, the destiny of a human soul, are, by the working of a devine law, brought together. They meet, they merge into each other to form one cell. A new life has begun. A little round jellylike cell, too small to be seen by the human eye, but gifted with the power to grow. It moves, it folds, it breaks into two cells, and they into more, subdividing, multiplying and clinging together, a little mass of rounded cells, all alike.

What makes the change in them? We do not know, we cannot tell, except that, as it were in this sanctuary of His creative power, God stoops down and whispers to them, saying to these, 'You be the brain;' to those, 'You be the heart;' to others; Make the eyes, the ears, the tongue, the feet, the bone, muscle and nerves, the blood and vessels through which it flows,' And yet to some God says; 'You special cell remain unchanged, like your parent cells, that you may carry on to generations yet to come.

During this process of cells, systems and organs formation, God gives us parents and the environment (made up of people and things), to add our ingredients in the making of this human life of a baby. This is explained by Science through extablished theories and outcomes of philosophical analysis.

Scientific proof

1. The foetus depends on the mother directly for food, nourishment, oxygen and the like through the placenta. Therefore, if the mother at this stage of organs formation is not given good nourishment, will it be the babies fault if she is born with impairment or deformities? Rethorically, who should be blamed?

2. Drugs and self medication, both herbal and pharmaceutical, if not from the prescription of a professional doctor, can cause the child to be impaired or even die. In this case, a parent can ignorantly destroy the life of the unborn baby.

3. Some parents attempt to abort the innocent baby and fail. The abortion drug taken can cause the child to be impaired emotionally, psychologically, physically and so on. Can we therefore blame the baby?

4. The Environment, made up of father, relatives as well as people, can affect the child positively or negatively or both. If the people around the mother maltreat the mother emotionally and or physically, this directly affects the baby since the baby's cord is intertwined with the mother through the placenta. Therefore, the pregnant mother represents the unborn baby and vice versa.

Food for thought

Surely a young man or a young woman contemplating matrimony would do well to consider the family background of the one under consideration as a possible mate. If every young person would but stop to meditate upon the fact that the seal of his or her marriage, the outcome of his or her earthly joy, his or her greatest contribution to mankind, may be in the child that is born as a result of this marriage, he or she would hold the reins of his or her emotions until such time as it might settle upon one could bring to his child the heritage, at least in part, that he might desire for it. Marry for love, yes; but guard well the power of love. Control it; be not entirely controlled by it.

This would be justified in the next article(s), highlighting and dissecting the hereditary, genes and chromosomes.

# This is dedicated to the innocent baby.

Please kindly share, like and follow me for the story of the hidden and unfolding of all factors, strategies and the way forward as to babyhood, infancy and other stages of human life. Thank you for reading.

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