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Ancient Chinese inventions

China has long since been established as the creator of numerous inventions and scientific discoveries. The famous Four Greats were only the beginning of ancient China’s contribution to mankind. From the old society that gave the world gunpowder and the first-ever handheld crossbows, the rest of the world quickly adopted ancient Chinese technologies.

Being among the top four ancient civilizations in the world (including Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley), China has a rich and varied history. Impressive archaeological discoveries are still being made today, as recently as 2022. With that being said, our historical knowledge is ever-expanding! Who knows what else we’ll discover ancient peoples had invented in years to come.

What are the Four Great Inventions?

When discussing the impact ancient Chinese inventions had on the world, there are generally four inventions that are renowned. Rightfully called the “Four Great Inventions,” these innovations were centuries ahead of their time.

The Four Great Inventions are…

  • papermaking 
  • gun powder
  • printing (movable type and woodblock)
  • the compass

It is unsurprising that most of ancient China’s greatest inventions occurred during the Golden Age of China. Now, Golden Ages for any country isn’t something to scoff at. China’s Golden Age spanned two separated Dynasties: the Song and the Tang. The Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) is specifically famous for being an era of technological innovation after it was founded by Emperor Taizu of Song.

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