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Do you know the secret about egg? If no then here are some interesting secrets about egg.

The average hen is said to lay around 250 to 270 eggs a year but some lay more than 300. Around 1.2 trillion eggs are produced for consumption every year. The average person on Earth consumes 173 eggs a year and Forty percent of the world’s eggs are consumed in China.

According to research published in 2008, male dinosaurs were sometimes responsible for sitting on eggs until they hatched. Nobody can eat 50 eggs” said by George Kennedy in the 1967 film.

The world record for eating hard-boiled eggs is 65 in 6min 40sec, by Sonya Thomas in 2003. She would have eaten more but they ran out of eggs.

The World Hard-Boiled Egg Eating Championship is due to be held at Radcliff, Kentucky, on Saturday, with a prize fund of $3,000.

The brown or white colour of an eggshell is purely dependent on the breed of the hen.

In 1835 Samuel Butler said in life and habit that “A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg,”. Egg eating is very good, I really like eating it.

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