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How Artificial intelligence change the real world.

The term "artificial intelligence" was piece within 1955, but the idea of smart machines that do our biding has extending a long way back, going back to the ancient myths of Greece, India and China. Perhaps that's why AI has such an impact on our imagination and why they have been so much hype surrounding the technology.

But Al is not a myth, nor is it a magical machine. it's a technology like any other we have come across, that has reached a new plateau of productivity. Cheap processing power and abundant data have made this possible. Now Al and machine learning are now useful tools in a diverse range of fields including heath, transportation, astronomy and music.

Finally AI is becoming useful, after years of promise. But we normally seem to forget about the things that just makes technology useful is like they disappear and we shouldn't let that happen to AI. Any technology destined to change the world needs scrutiny and AI with its combination of huge imaginative presence needs that scrutiny more than most.

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