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Do You Wonder Where Humans Get Their Comic Creativity?

Everyday brings its own uniqueness. As tragic events gallop, the comic world tries to keep up the pace. People are just creative: creating new funny ideas and objects daily. You might wonder where they, at all, do they get those instincts from. Maybe it probably is what it is. 

Scientists might have a way to explain this phenomenon. They can link it to genetic, evolution, philosophy, psychology and whatever there after, but it is too difficult to comprehend. Humans are constantly mutating, learning new things regularly and facing different challenges. New problems require new answers; To every action, there is a reaction. The reaction, in this case, might be the new ways of creating happiness. That sounds like a tangible reason.

God is the creator of all things. If he made this phenomenon possible, then we really thank Him. Maybe He did create us in His own image so that might be the answer to the baffling question. I am not saying anything; You are the one thinking that way.

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