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Just In: How a 12 year old invented a solar radio : Ghana is blessed

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Ghana is blessed to have a twelve year old who is intellectually and practically good at inventing things to solve Ghana's problems.

The twelve year old , Master Reginald Akwaboah, has invented an automated car and more surprisingly, a solar radio.

What surprises many is his understanding about things like motherboard, electronics and automation systems.

He desires to become an engineer and we know that by God's grace, he will become a highly prominent professional in few years to come. His mother and teachers are asking Ghanaians to provide him with the sophisticated technology support to produce not only prototypes but to develop his purpose.

What many do not know is how he understood the wiring to develop a solar radio because a radio is already sophisticated let alone linking that to solar not electricity. How he did it is purely a gift of talent from God just like how many other world known inventors even dropped out of University to develop software and other solutions. It is simply the hand of good and an enabling environment.

Reginald's Mum is extremely proud of him but tells TV3 to seek support from cherished Ghanaian mentors or engineers.

In fact, the little Ghana can do to support him is to mentor and encourage him to take after the likes of many inventors who started at very earlier ages, some starting as early as 9year old.

Ghana should cherish Reginald and monitor him to become like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates and the like.

JUKELAFRICA seeks to monitor the progress of the young engineer and interview him to make the world appreciate him even more. We would like to applaud TV3 and Media General Group for providing publicity to Reginald's inventions.

We wish all our readers a happy Easter.

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