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SCIENCE: The secret behind the colour of the sea

People all over the world see the sea blue and yet don't know why. People have been made to think that the true color of the sea is blue but that's not true. In this article, I present to you the secret or reason why the sea appears blue in colour.

As human beings our eyes contains cells capable of detecting electromagnetic radiation from the sunlight with wavelengths between 380-700 nanometers. With in this rage, different wavelength correspond to the different rainbow colours we see in the sky.

The molecules in liquid or water is capable of absorbing light that appears in a longer wavelengths, that is in colour red, yellow, green and orange. The blue light which has a short wavelength is likely to be absorbed that can penetrate to deep depths of water making it look dark blue.

Light at a shorter wavelength is likely to be deflected in different directions, including back out of the water towards our eyes, making the sea appears blue in colour.

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