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Meet The Tribe That Drinks Fresh Blood From A Cow Before Any Ceremony Is Performed.

Tribe is used in many different contexts to refer to a category of human Social group. The predominant usage of the term is in the discipline of anthropology.

The Samburu men bleeds a cow for the blood meal. The Samburu tribe in Kenya drinks blood originated form a cow two times a week. They do not eat the meat, they drink the milk or blood. They make a hole in the vein with an ark, take the blood and quickly drink it, before it’s coalgulates.

Samburu are very spiritual people believing and praying daily to their Gods they call Ngai, They use their age status to determine who is elder. Each and everyone has to go through various stages before becoming a powerful leader. Circumcision shows a little boys transition to a young warrior, while girls excision Is performed on the day of marriage.

They take the blood of a cow in a calabash the vein of the cow will be opened with bow and arrow. They drink the blood from the calabash which is from the cows vein, before any Ceremony is performed. They believe when they take in the blood, they have a successful ceremony.

Wow, amazing and weird tribes all over us. Here are some photos of them,

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Kenya Samburu


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