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Do Ghost and Hell really exist- See what the bible and scientist say about this

Before we get into some specific example of the existence if hell and ghost, it may be useful to delve into exactly what we going to talk about. In the Genesis of creation story, God says, “Let us make man in our own image, in our likeness ". This statement even seems to be plural, which means there is more than one God or it maybe that God didn't created man by himself alone. Anyway let suspended that for another topic

When we say a child is the “spitting image” of one parent or the other, we are generally referring to physical characteristics such as eye colour, the shape of the nose, a square jaw or curly hair etc. But when we say a child is “just like” a parent, we aren’t really referring to something physical.

We mean their non physical attributes are very similar such as determination, intelligence, shyness, a quick temper, stubbornness etc.

I don’t think the phrase from Genesis refers to physical characteristics. Rather, “in our image” refers to the spiritual element of the God.

Since God is spirit, there is an element to our existence that transcends time and space our soul. It is this, that made in God’s image. The spirit is simply the housing of the soul, one that gives us our individual identity is in the afterlife, when we die and become spirit as God. People who don't believe in ghosts do so because of some personal experience they grew up in a family where the existence of spirits was taken for granted or base in their believe they grew up in.

However, many people believe and support for the existence of ghosts can be found in no less a hard science than modern physics. According to Albert Einstein suggestion of scientific basis for the reality of ghosts, based on the Thermodynamics first law, if energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change form, what happens to our body's energy when we die? Could that somehow be manifested as a ghost?

It seems like a reasonable assumption — unless you understand basic physics. The answer is very simple, and not at all mysterious.

After a person dies, the energy in his or her body goes where all organisms energy goes after death into the environment. The energy is released in the form of heat, and the body is transferred into the animals that eat us for example wild animals if we are left unburied, or worms and bacteria if we are interred, and the plants that absorb us. There is no bodily "energy" that survives death to be detected with popular ghost hunting devices.

And even before someone can come from where ghost or spirit are, it must be in the form of human, because according to John 1:14 said "He was a spirit and he became a flesh in human form to die for us" and in Luke 24: 39 also said "A spirit does not have flesh and bone. So if you analysis this deeply, you can see that, is only a body with flesh and bone which can survive in this planet earth and ghost or spirit are only thing that can survive in a hell but not only for sinners.

Remember Animals also are living things and, do you ask yourself where did their spirit go when they die. So In my opinion I can say, Hell is a kingdom where, when a living thing complete His or Her life cycle or dies, their ghost or spirit goes to rest and continue another journey because there also a saying that " There is life after death " if so then Hell is a place where a spirit of death lived.

What do you also think about the existence of Ghost ? Do you believe Hell is for only those who sin ? You can like, share and also comments your opinions, we are here to learn, thank you.

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